1. I found a palm tree and we became friends. #monkey #siwy #siwydenim #putyourjeanson #chaserbrand #davidbowie (at South Central L.A Florence District)

  2. zodiacbaby:

    here’s some burning sage to cleanse ur blog of bad energies 

    (via lilbitstrange)

  3. #wat

  4. #tgif

  5. #PicFrame #facetime date

  6. Nostalgia pink gellies (at South Central L.A Florence District)

  7. #word

  8. #tbt I miss my PIC who’s currently in the east coast. Can’t wait until my #rage partner comes home.

  9. #favoriteshoes


  10. well then

    my dinner last night was almost double the calories then i try to eat in a whole day. thanks d&b.

  11. He’s plotting revenge I know it. #fly (at South Central L.A Florence District)

  12. ACDC and rainbow hair

  14. design-is-fine:

    John Audubon,  Flamingo, from Birds of America, 1843. Via LHL

  15. REDDIT: I have a theory that you’re a clone of David Bowie created right around the Modern Love era so that he could continue being a musician as well as star in more movies.
    TILDA: The laboratory gave me strict instructions to issue no comment (x)

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